WXPN, or XPN(short for Exponential Pennsylvania Network), is a non-commercial public radio station licensed to the University of Pennsylvania. WXPN also produces World Cafe, which is distributed by NPR to other non-commercial radio stations in the United States. 
As a graphic design intern, I collaborated with the marketing department to design merchandise, social media templates, and promotional materials. Below are some of the projects I worked on!
Role: Design Intern
Project Type: Social Media, Merchandise, Print Layout 
Duration: June 2022 - May 2023

#TBTXPN Designs
Project Type: Social Media

WXPN had a summer program called Throwback Thursday
(or #TBTXPN), where each week the radio would feature 
music related to a particular theme. I developed illustrations
every week to promote the summer show on Instagram. Each
illustration would feature a modified Throwback Thursday logo
and the hashtag.

Each week I fitted the illustration to three different sizes:
-Instagram Post
-Instagram Story
-Eventbrite Wide

90s A-Z​​​​​​​
Project Type: Visual Identity

WXPN launched a program at the end of 2022 featuring
music from the 90's. I was tasked with developing a visual
identity for the program (including logo and color palette).

Instead of going with the traditional Memphis 90's look,
we went with a more grunge aesthetic.

Attached you will find printed promotional
materials as well as stickers gifted to WXPN members.

#TGOTW Template
Project Type: Social Media

 I developed an Instagram story template for WXPN's
 weekly Ticket Giveaway of the Week (or #TGOTW), which is
 a weekly program where WXPN gives away a local concert ticket.

 Previously tickets for artists such as Big Thief, They Might Be Giants, 
 and Margo Price have been offered through this program.

 I layered different illustrated elements and used Photoshop's
 smart object feature to develop a social media template
 that can easily be manipulated and customized by
 another party.

Website Flyer
Project Type: Print Layout

 WXPN developed a new website in 2022 and wanted
 to promote some of the website's new features. I was 
 tasked with designing promotional flyers that would 
 communicate these features in a relevant and visually
 interesting way. More specifically I was instructed to
 incorporate type, colors, and assets already existing
 from the website in the flyer layout.

 You may find some of the elements I incorporated on

Festival Activation
Project Type: Interactive Poster​​​​​​​
 For WXPN's annual summer music festival, an idea was
 developed to set up a welcoming and interactive poster
 where attendees can "activate" their musical mindset by
 writing reasons why they are at the festival or love music.
 Along with the activation board, I made flower petal stickers
 that attendees would write on and stick directly to the board.
 These flowers and corresponding petals were specially
 designed so that the flowers could have different numbers
 of petals (so the board composition appeared more organic)
 as the petal stickers never changed size.

Car Drive Mug​​​​​​​
Project Type: Merchandise

Members who participated in WXPN's Car Drive
had the opportunity to receive a special mug.
I had three goals when designing this mug:
1) Combine imagery of music and a gas meter
     (I decided to illustrate a record player, with the
       needle also acting as a car gas meter needle)
2) Emulate an automotive feel for the text
3) Accomplish this with one color

Below are additional explorations!
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